Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant is at the coast of Çıralı that is a hidden heaven and it serves with an exclusive staff. You can enjoy our delicious meals where nature, history and sea meet. If you would like to have a swim or sunbath, sunbeds in the beach are there for you. If you get bored and want to move, you can let off steam in volleyball court in front of the restaurant. You can enjoy your meal watching the sea and Ancient Olympus Mountain. Besides Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine’s delicious meals, we also serve fresh seafood, appetizers, salads, dessert, and fruits. No doubt that, we use natural products in our kitchen. One of our specialties is that we serve flat bread and lavash cooked by wood fire.

If you want to drink something, we serve drinks from our bar. We cook the fish you choose, as the way you like on grill, in stone oven or pan and we serve it with our fresh salads. You can celebrate your special days in that beautiful place so that you can make it unforgettable.

Our cheerful personnel and I, Erdal Köylüoğlu, are at your service.